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​Here's what I can write for you:


I have ghostwritten and edited books, working closely with clients to raise their

visibility and call attention to their expertise.


I can provide you with a persuasive speech that your audience will remember. I’ve written
for a governor, lieutenant governor, two U.S. cabinet secretaries, executives of Fortune 500
companies and leaders of nonprofits.

I’ve worked with executives, government officials and experts to write and edit

thousands of op-eds published under their bylines in major newspapers and websites.

I have written thousands of articles under my own byline and the bylines of others.
Congressional Testimony
Your testimony before a congressional committee can influence legislation vital to your business or organization.  I’ve written testimony for clients and employers on a variety of public policy topics.
News Releases
News releases can prompt reporters to write and broadcast news stories that can be seen by millions of people. In addition, many news releases are posted on websites. I’ve written thousands of releases that have attracted media coverage by explaining complex topics in an interesting, concise and easily understood manner.
I can review your website and produce new and rewritten material to attract a wider audience and better convey your messages. I’ve written the text for websites and been part of teams redesigning sites.
Next to your website, your annual report is your face to the world. 
I’ve written annual reports to improve the public image of
organizations and give them greater visibility. I’ve also written other types of reports about many topics.
Marketing Material
I have experience writing marketing brochures, ads and videos 
that attract customers and build public support.
I’ve written newsletters for external and internal audiences to draw attention to the activities and accomplishments of businesses, government agencies and organizations.
Editing and Rewriting
Besides writing all the above products myself, I can work with clients to edit and rewrite material they have produced to generate more positive attention.
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